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Brain Health

Your mind is one of your most important assets. However, unlike other areas of our health, brain health is often overlooked. People dedicate hours upon hours each week exercising their body and consuming nutritional supplements to improve physical performance, however, very few of us put in time to improve our memory and brain function.

It’s important that we engage our brain just as much, if not more, than we engage our muscles. As the famous American astrophysicist Carl Sagan said, “The brain is like a muscle. When it's in use, we feel very good."

As we age, there are certain lifestyle habits we can adopt to maintain and even improve our brain health. We need to be physically active, maintain a well-balanced diet, and engage in cognitive activity and social engagement. This will help keep our mind sharp and reduce the odds of cognitive decline.

“Research has suggested that combining good nutrition with mental, social and physical activities may have a greater benefit in maintaining or improving brain health than any single activity,” says the Alzheimer’s Association. Therefore, it’s important to not only take supplements to improve physical performance, it is also important to use brain health supplements to improve memory and cognitive function. 

Benefits of Brain Health Supplements

There are many benefits of introducing brain health supplements into your daily routine, such as:

  • Increased focus
  • Improved productivity and efficiency
  • The ability to think more clearly
  • They are ideal for people of all ages
  • There are no stimulants and there is no “crash”

Supplements for Memory

Whether you want to gain more focus, reduce distractions, improve your workout, increase concentration or improve your memory, there are a number of great supplements that can help you improve your cognitive abilities. Some of the best supplements to improve your memory include:

  • American Muscle Nirvana: Available in 180 vegetarian capsules, it’s a cognitive enhancer, helps improve focus, and supports brain function and neuron health.
  • Betancourt Nutrition Betancourt Essentials Ginkgo Biloba: This herbal supplement offers memory health support and helps with healthy circulation.
  • CTD Nupept: Designed to help with motivation and creativity, this supplement helps improve mood and reduce mental fatigue.
  • Himalaya Bacopa: This gluten free herbal supplement supports mental alertness and helps to minimize instances of forgetfulness.
  • Primaforce Choline Bitartrate: This brain health supplement helps improve energy and mental acuity by optimizing cell signalling and muscle control. It also supports healthy metabolism.
  • Rebel Performance Focus Fury: This memory enhancer helps you get in the zone, have razor sharp focus, and get things done. 

Tips for Brain Health

In addition to investing in a brain health supplement, there are many other things you can do to improve your memory and cognitive functionality, including:

  • Learning new skills
  • Doing cognitive exercises (puzzles and mind games)
  • Staying active and exercising regularly
  • Socializing with others and remaining socially engaged
  • Being health conscious
  • Making time for rest and relaxation
  • Feeding your brain and maintaining a diet rich in vitamins and nutrients

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