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Chips and Snacks

One of the most common ways we sabotage our gains and fail to meet our fitness goals is because of the snack foods we eat. Snacks play an important role in our overall diet, and choosing healthy snacks, such as meal replacement chips, is important. So, rather than stopping at a local fast food joint or picking up a chocolate bar or bag of potato chips, why not make a healthier choice – like chips and trail mix? They taste great and satisfy your craving, without the extra fat and carbs you don’t need.

Types of Meal Replacement Chips

There are a number of types of meal replacement chips to choose from, ensuring you can choose something you like and a product that will help you achieve your fitness goals:

  • Egg white chips
  • Popchips
  • Protein chips
  • Meat chips

These meal replacement products come in the same great chip flavors you love, with a boost of protein and fewer empty calories.

Snack Healthy with Meal Replacement Chips

Whether you are in a hurry, feel like a snack or are tempted to veer off your diet, grab a pack of meal replacement chips to satisfy your cravings. You’ll thank yourself later.

Sports Nutrition Center has a variety of meal replacement chips flavors and options. Choose from some of our top selling products below:

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Popchips Popchips Barbeque, 24-0.8 oz

$29.99 $20.42
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Popchips Popchips Crazy Hot, 24-0.8 oz

$29.99 $20.42
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Popchips Popchips Sea Salt, 24-0.8 oz

$29.99 $20.42
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