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Species Nutrition

Species Nutrition was founded by retired bodybuilder and industry darling, Dave Palumbo. Dave’s competitive bodybuilding career spanned 15 years, but he has been in the game for longer. During that time Dave, saw and did it all. He has sustained the same reputation today as he did back then. Hard worker, diligent, attention to detail, high expectations, and quality over quantity. This ideology made him a media darling and supplement company favorite. 

Dave’s charisma was appreciated by viewers and sponsors alike. In 2004, following his retirement, Dave became a highly sought-after commentator and announcer in a variety of athletic events and media venues. This coverage would eventually lead Dave in the direction of creating his own website and radio show. RX Muscle was born and has grown into a giant multi-media force in the nutrition, bodybuilding, and super show industry. 

Dave’s passion for the industry and drive is never dormant for long. He has been credited with helping many competitors earn high accolades and pro cards. He put together spot-on food and supplement programs. Because of the demand on his time, Dave started the SMART personal training certification program. He still maintains the reputation of being one of the tops in the industry regarding training, nutrition, innovation, and thinking outside the box.

Dave’s high standards in nutrition made it difficult for the regular consumer to follow his progress in the midst of their busy lives. The birth of Species Nutrition was the solution. And Dave has been ahead of the pack since. Species Nutrition is a high-quality, high-end supplement product line. Dave is determined on not skimping or take shortcuts with his product line by constantly improving, innovating and implementing high-quality ingredients.

Species Nutrition markets and sells one of the most unique dual fat burners on the market. A one-of-the-kind joint support product that sources great raw material blended with a plant-based testosterone enhancer/estrogen blocker. Species Nutrition is one of a few companies that has the best and most high-end whey protein on the market along with delicious protein pudding, YUMMY. Species Nutrition has multiple SKU’s in its product line and is worth checking out!

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